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Marketing, Commercial Access to THC/CBD

Answer ONE of the prompts in 250 words or less.

Marketing, Commercial Access to THC/CBD

1. On the last day of class, I spoke about an email I received from a bar advertising CBD lemonades. The email doesn’t provide the contents of the lemonade (i.e. if it’s a mix with alcohol and CBD or just CBD and sugar) however the email provided a link, which I assume was meant to “educate” it’s consumers on the beneficial effects of CBD. Refer to link and exam it’s contents. In an brief essay, please address some of the questions I have listed below. Be as creative and open-minded as possible. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Who is there target audience? Do you feel like they are trying to sell you something? If you were a 16 years old, would you feel encouraged to buy a product that contains CBD while at a restaurant? What would your parent allow you to drink this? If the drink doesn’t have alcohol, is this something that should be marketed to kids who are clinically diagnosed with have anxiety and depression? Is it a good idea to mix CBD with alcohol?

Opioid vs. Cocaine Epidemic

2. On the last day of class, I showed a variety of clips that described the racial disparities associated with how the federal government is treating the opioid epidemic in comparison to the cocaine epidemic that occurred 30 years ago. Imagine that you’re a lobbyist and you’re responsible for advising your local Congressman on how the opioid epidemic should be handled today. In your response, compare and contrast both epidemics and provide a series of recommendations that you want your congressman to support in the next election.

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